Martin Gude

Master's Thesis: Recommender Systems for Live-Transmission in interactive Television: Gathering and Rating User Feedback


Recommender systems have been strongly researched within the last decade. They have strongly progressed over the time for non-live evironments. However, they do not meet the requirements of live broadcast. Live broadcast suffers from several inherent problems, e.g. the impossibility to foresee the contents of the next items or the reactions of the user to the changing programme.

In this thesis a simple model of the complex live broadcast environment is developed to classify the media assets and the reactions of the viewer. A content based and a hybrid recommendation algorithm are tested. The simple but powerful content based algorithm has proven to calculate high quality recommendations from low quality data. The hybrid approach does not perform that well. However, this is caused by the poor base data.

The thesis can serve as a basis for further live recommender system research.


recommender systems, interactive TV, live TV, sports transmission

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